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About Us

Panama Meetings is a family own company created by the need of clients to hold meetings in Panama and in other parts of the world.

Its founder and General Manager Tomás Rodríguez Tristán has been involved in the field of tourism and hospitality since 1990, and thanks to his experiences and direct contact with clients from different latitudes, he decided to set up an office in Panama in 2006.

Together with his wife Betsy Herrera Sing as Operations Manager, they begin a different stage in their lives and develop a company that specializes in serving international and local clients for conventions, incentives, theme parties, exhibitions, fairs, corporate and social events.

As their children Hanna Rodriguez Herrera and Tomas Rodríguez Herrera have grown, they have joined the company as a generational successor and support with new trends in computing and marketing.

Simultaneously, they have developed other parallel products related to events to complement the offer and satisfy the needs of the market, such as Golf 2 Go (a portable mini-golf course).

Due to the 2020 pandemic and the impossibility of meeting in person, Panama Meetings reinvented itself and began to hold events virtually, connecting its clients with digital scenarios and thus keeping alive the feeling of closeness and of being together despite many miles away.

Always focused on customer service and fully complying with the required services, we are sure that Panama Meetings can offer you a reliable option according to budgets, always suggesting and presenting the best proposal on the market.

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Tomas Rodriguez Tristan

He is an entrepreneur and enthusiast who is always willing to collaborate to develop new projects and ideas.

He started in hospitality and tourism at an early age, holding different positions in renowned hotels such as Hilton, Intercontinental and Bristol in Panama.

During the period that he was in Contadora as General Manager he personally attended the productions of the reality show "Survivor" filmed in Panama. And finally in 2006 he decided to open his own company.

Being under the umbrella of Panama Meetings he has been involved in other projects such as Los Mangos Golf & Country Club in the Dominican Republic and Golf 2 Go.

Always showing that improvement, maintaining the workforce and positive numbers is possible in all scenarios.

Betsy Herrera Sing

Graduated with honors in Social Communication and Marketing, she is the perfect complement for the realization of all the ideas.

Specialist in the coordination and organization of personnel, she always anticipates the needs of each client.

Her experience of more than 15 years in hotels, travel agencies and administrative services places her as an expert in the realization of any idea that the client needs.

General Manager

Operations Manager

Panama Meetings